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SHEZ857J43Fixed errors ("Word has lost data due to a bad network connection or missing floppy. Documents relying on this data are going to be saved and then...
JACE88399XFixed a problem that non-ASCII attachment name becomes garbled on iNotes when try to forward multiple documents with attachment.
NKEY8APHRRFixed a problem where an attachment could not be dragged and dropped into a new iNotes message until after the Attachments area was expanded by the...
Hide details for BrowserBrowser
MCHZ8JNPHCFix resolved an issue where URLs do not open in a default browser once default is changed from Chrome to IE. Regression in 8.5.2.
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
MJON8GCUUHFixed problem with iNotes Calendar view where a meeting created and then canceled by a delegated user still displays as Private.
SDOY8H6D3YFixed problem when using iNotes with Firefox 3.5 (or later) where if a user has enabled "Automatically check for time conflicts when scheduling" in...
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
YDFS8KL9KXAccommodated change in DST rules for Chile. Before this change, Calendar entries in Notes Standard client would be off by an hour during the...
PANN8FFEFVAccommodated change in DST rules due to Russian Federation abolishment of daylight savings time. Before this change, Calendar entries in Notes...
PANN8LNT3YFixed a Calendar refresh issue that Calendar documents failed to display without hitting Refresh.
JPAI8J4LFSFixed a memory leak that could occur related to Ghosted Note entries.
Hide details for ClientClient
MCOA8GZLXPResolved Multi User Notes client hang on splash screen during provisioning of dictionaries.
SJCN73XSTRFixed an issue where in Follow up and Preferences dialogs, the "Play Sound" field was empty. This was due to the fact that in a multi-user...
Hide details for Client SecurityClient Security
JSHO8874YCFixed a potential client crash related to ID Vault.
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
WSHE8CLA8KFixed an intermittent Notes Client crash
SCHI8BGFH5Fixed an Error No service:Mail when click on "Open Inbox" in new mail pop up window in unstacked replica case failing to open Inbox
WTON85MJ4DSubmitted a protective fix to avoid an intermittent Notes Client crash when opening a view
YGAO8GHD8XFixed a display issue that caused the menu bar of memos to display wrong information on a widescreen notebook 64-bit Windows...
TMDS8B3SLRFixed a problem with Action\Archive menu showing wrong set of menu items.
DWHD8LMG6XSome non-ASCII characters on the BusinessCard were not encoded properly and show up as garbage. This fix handles the proper...
SHEZ8J8HZRFixed "Error During Client Start Adding Panel Action to Panels Submenu" that could occur on launch of the Notes Client after configuring the managed...
JTHN8BRSUFFixed an issue where a desktop policies were not working properly and so not all bookmarks were appearing. This was resolved by ensuring that the...
GPFM8MAJ2L@Command([Execute], "program.exe") adds extra, empty parameter when executing program
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